Sunday, December 10, 2006

Beebe Archetypes

My summary of the Archetypes (along with references to books) as used by Dr. John Beebe, based on the workshop "Dynamics of Type" which was held in Memphis in June 2006 (Kindly organized by Type Resources).

Archetypes are patterns of human behavior that appear when they are required.

UPDATE: These notes are now also available as mind map.


- Unconscious competence
- moneymaking


- Helping others, not easy to use for oneself
- movie: Marianne Sägebrecht in "Bagdad Cafe"

Puer/Puella Aeternus

- Inflating, deflating
- Never grows out
- Pure
- book: "Puer Aeternus" by Marie-Louise von Franz


- Inferiority Complex
- black hole
- Bridge to the unconscious
- blackmail, creative, giving power
- libido
- puer is much more primitive
- movies: Hitchcock's "Vertigo", Miike's "Odishon"
- Book: "Lectures on Jung's Typology": The Inferior Function by Marie-Louise von Franz

Opposing Personality

- Hensel & Gretel: Not enough food -> send them off to starve
- self sabotage


- Effect on others: control the behavior of other people
- anxious -> itchy - witchy
- "I wish this idea would just go away!"
- critical, in your gut


- Double-binds, crude
- Puts its nose at the collective


- Least domesticated
- Least preferred process
- nightmare

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